relative airflow

The air in a region where the pressure, temperature, and relative velocity are unaffected by the passage of aircraft through it. Also known as free-stream flow.

Aviation dictionary. 2014.

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  • airflow — A flow or stream of air. An airflow may take place in a wind tunnel, in the induction system of an engine, etc. It is relative airflow that goes past the wing or other parts of a moving craft. The rate of airflow is measured by mass or volume per …   Aviation dictionary

  • relative wind — i. The velocity and direction of the wind with reference to the body over which it is flowing. Also the relative airflow against an airfoil. In aircraft, it is normally the same as the TAS (true air speed) but seldom aligned with the longitudinal …   Aviation dictionary

  • Relative wind — in aeronautics= In aeronautics, the relative wind is the direction of airflow over the airfoil, i.e. in vector terms it is the vector sum of the ambient air past the aircraft: Most usefully, it is the direction of the air over the aircraft s… …   Wikipedia

  • relative wind — noun : the motion of the air relative to a body in it usually determined so as to exclude disturbance at the surfaces of the body * * * /wind/ the velocity or direction of airflow with respect to the body it surrounds, esp. an airfoil. [1915 20] …   Useful english dictionary

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